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october2011Rationing Oncology Care?

As a cost saving maneuver to cut the cost of entitlement medical costs of Medicare, Medicaid and its soon to be implemented “Obamacare”, subtle rationing measures are already here. Teaching courses for primary care physicians are now telling attendees that if patients are over 50/60/70 there are certain cancer screening tests that are not cost-effective and not indicated. Here are some examples in the Big 4 Cancers.

In Breast Cancer, yearly mammograms after 50 are being reduced to every two years until age 70 to 75, when any screening is being discouraged. Unbelievably Breast-Self- Examinations (BSE) are being down played as of little value even in women over 40 years of age. Also safer diagnostic procedures, which give less radiation exposure such as ultra sounds and MRI’s because of their expense are being discouraged.


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