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By Dr. Forsythe:


  1. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Avoid becoming afraid or discouraged, while always aware that cures for all types of cancer have been reported in medical literature at one time or other.
  2. ALTERNATE PATH: Choose an alternative oncologist, capable of treating your entire body with the best-available pharmaceuticals ~ treatments specifically suited to your needs.
  3. STAY ALERT: Remain skeptical when reading or hearing statements regarding clinical studies and prognostic results.Always remember that evidence-based medicine is not in play when more than two drugs are used.
  4. REMAIN POSITIVE: Politely leave your oncologist’s office if he or she starts mentioning “hospice care” or “getting your affairs in order.”This means the physician has given up on you, something that you should never do.
  5. ADOPT GOOD EATING HABITS: Take charge of your diet and nutrition.Be serious about following your medical support team’s diet recommendations~ especially foods suggested by homeopaths and physicians who use natural remedies.
  6. LIMIT CERTAIN TESTS: Refuse to accept over-testing that involves radiation procedures, especially scans likely to suppress your immune system. Such Procedures might prevent your body's immune defenses from working at their optimal levels.
  7. IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE: Always remain aware that at least 50 beneficial supplements could emerge as helpful infighting your cancer. Your integrative oncologist should be able to provide results, indicating how well specific types of chemotherapy might assist you~ if at all.
  8. BE WARY OF MEDIA: Avoid getting fooled by advertisements or promotions that claim specific cancer centers have“pinpointed radiology procedures”~ treatments for specific types of cancers. Remember that systematic treatments are necessary for Stage IV cancers.
  9. REFUSE CERTAIN SURGERIES: Avoid yielding to aggressive surgical procedures in instances when your cancer is Stage IV.
  10. LIMIT PHARMACEUTICALS: Whenever possible, use the lowest number of drugs and always use the lowest dose possible to fight your cancer,to prevent destruction of your immune system.