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Video Transcript: Why You Need a Strong Immune System to Fight Cancer

Ty Bollinger: Dr. Forsythe, the immune system. You talked about—you’ve got the Forsythe Immune Protocol. Can we stress the importance of the immune system enough in fighting cancer?

Dr. James Forsythe: No we can’t because as you know, with the AIDS epidemic, which was finally defined in the early 80s, Ty. We know that if your B-Cells are depleted, your helper cells are depleted, you’re going to be susceptible to a number of cancers, which ordinarily would not hit young men or women. Like CNS lymphoma, like in neck cancers, like Kaposi Sarcoma, like Hodgkin’s disease, non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, anal/genital cancers.

Those are all much more common in the AIDS population. But any time your immune system… if you’ve had a liver transplant or kidney transplant, bone marrow transplant, you’re going to be susceptible to a malignancy.

So, building your immune system, keeping it strong, [is] very important. We do an immune competency test to see what your B&T Cell populations look like,your natural killer cell population, we want to know those things.

We do a lot of other things to look for triggers like hormone balancing. In women, even though they’re estrogen positive, we want them to be on progesterone or testosterone, DHA, cortisone if necessary.

And men, even though they’re sometimes—the prostate cancer could be testosterone driven, we like to have their DHA normal; we like to have their cortisone level normal.

Growth hormone we stay away from, just because the FDA thinks that growth hormone promotes cancer. We don’t really think so, but it’s one of those things that’s red flagged for the FDA.

Ty Bollinger: You’d rather not cross that line.

Dr. James Forsythe: I’d rather not.

Ty Bollinger: Pick your battles, right?

Dr. James Forsythe: I’ve already done that. I’ve already been in battle with the FDA and I won the court case.

Ty Bollinger: One of the things I appreciate about what you’ve shared, is the fact that you look at the immune system. You look at hormone testing, the genomic testing, the diet. So you’re looking at each patient as an individual. They come to you, and you find out what would be proper for them.

Dr. James Forsythe: Yeah.

Ty Bollinger: Would help them individually as opposed to having kind of a one size fits all.

Dr. James Forsythe: It’s not a one-size fits all as you know. Cancer is very individual, and everyone’s different. Even the same cancer, the same stage of cancer is different in different people.


Ty Bollinger: Yeah, well you’ve been a hero of mine for a long time. I’m really honored to have been able to interview you today Dr. Forsythe, and I really appreciate your time today.

Dr. James Forsythe: Well thank you, thank you, Ty. It’s good to see you. Thank you. Thank you and take care.