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Dr Forsythe's Whey Protein Anti-Aging Formula

Once again blowing the lid off stupendous natural health remedies that standard doctors want to keep under cover, internationally acclaimed Homeopathic physician and oncologist James W. Forsythe reveals his stupendous findings on how whey protein can dramatically improve health. As clearly shown by Forsythe in his usual easy-to-read, no-nonsense style, the doctor reveals how whey protein can enable people to decrease the signs of aging, lose ugly body fat, gain eye-pleasing muscles, prevent cancer, and avoid the buildup of life-threatening plaque. “People are amazed when they learn these compelling details for the first time,” said Doctor Forsythe, an anti-aging expert, also among only a handful of integrative medical oncologists practicing in the United States. “Most standard-medicine doctors and greedy pharmaceutical companies want to keep from the public my riveting details about the benefits of whey protein.” Rather than recommending natural non-toxic whey protein to their patients, many mainstream allopathic doctors recklessly prescribe toxic, addictive and dangerous pharmaceuticals for a vast array of ailments. As shown by Forsythe, when used as he recommends whey protein also can prevent arterial disease, increase bone density, keep seniors from becoming frail, and boost levels of healthful bacteria in the gut while ridding dangerous microbes from that area. Already heralded for setting the record straight on these critical health issues, “Dr. Forsythe's Whey Protein Anti-Aging Formula” is the latest in a steady stream of books by Doctor Forsythe on everything from sleep, death and natural remedies to natural pain cures and his unique anti-cancer diet.

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Natural Painkillers: Without Drug Dependence or Side Effects

Fresh on the heels of his many hot-selling books, including several in conjunction with media sensation Suzanne Somers, internationally acclaimed Doctor James W. Forsythe blows the lid off of the mainstream medical industry’s conspiracy to force consumers to use harmful drugs for pain treatment ~ rather than harmless natural remedies. “Mainstream doctors are angry that I’m teaching the public about natural painkillers, but I don’t care if those physicians or the big pharmaceutical companies get upset by this book,” said Doctor Forsythe, an integrative medical oncologist who treats cancer patients suffering from pain and consumers with many other debilitating ailments. “For many years, the public has asked me to disclose this information, even though many allopathic doctors want to continue administering unnatural, dangerous and highly addictive painkillers. To those physicians I say, ‘The public deserves to know the truth.’” Adopting the same overall strategy that he has in his many other books, Doctor Forsythe answers lots of critical questions in an easy-to-understand fashion that portrays huge drug companies and the bulk of mainstream doctors in a negative light, highly critical of them for endangering patients. Among just some of the many questions that readers will find answers for: What are the best and safest natural painkillers for certain specific ailments? Where and how can consumers purchase these natural substances at reasonable prices? Also, why does the federal government continue to allow Big Pharmaceutical companies and mainstream physicians to recklessly endanger the public with harmful, highly addictive pain medications?

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About Death From a Cancer Doctor's Perspective

Are you dying? Or, are you anxious about the anticipated demise of a loved one? Most people stuck in such situations find themselves bombarded with relentless, intermittent and growing anger, fear, denial and frustration. Since childhood a vast majority of us have known death eventually would occur. Yet why as their final breath approaches do people feel as if mortified by a sense of surprise? Why are you weepy, emotional, or “not behaving like yourself?” Besides being in denial, you still might be asking: “Why am I dying? Why is my little boy, or girl, or spouse, or lover leaving this world? Why is this all happening to me, or is this—the impending death—actually occurring? Why does this all seem like such a dream? Perhaps most important, how can I cope, if at all?” Well, finally such queries can and are addressed fully in compelling detail by internationally acclaimed integrative medical oncologist and author, James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D. His medical clinic hails as having one of the world’s highest survival rates among Stage IV cancer patients at such facilities. Now in his fifth decade of practicing medicine, this world-renowned doctor has plenty of seasoned advice on what you should know regarding what death “is,” how this transition occurs, what you should expect from this process, and how you can cope.


Understanding and Surviving Obamacare

Finally, you have found the critical and necessary book that you've heard so much about, essential information on Surviving Obamacare. How can you, your company and family survive the new law, formally called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? As the overall public confusion intensifies regarding requirements imposed by the new law, steadily growing numbers of physicians, families and patients from around the world have asked Doctor Forsythe for his advice. Among the many issues covered: How can consumers benefit from state-operated insurance exchanges? How much will your personal monthly premiums increase or decrease? How much will the federal government help pay for your premiums, if at all? How can you qualify to enter Medicaid without paying a cent? If you are an employer, will you have to close your company due to excessive and increasing premium costs? As an employer, what reasons would you have to cut back the hours of your workers or how many people will you need to lay off in order to comply with Obamacare? Why and how is the Obama administration giving exceptions to cronies and selected companies, enabling them to legally escape exorbitant health insurance expenses? How and why will a 15-member bureaucratic panel without any medical experience eventually cut your medical benefits ~ even if you're covered by Medicare? How will criminals and drug addicts receive free medical care without paying a single penny, while hard-working, law-abiding Americans struggle to purchase mandatory insurance policies?


Anti-Aging Sleep Secrets

Did you know that a lack of quality sleep can rapidly accelerate your aging process? Many people admit surprise upon being told of verifiable studies proving that a lack of sufficient, high-quality sleep usually leads to early death. Bowing to requests from patients worldwide seeking the “secrets” to improving the deepest levels of their sleep, internationally acclaimed physician James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., has compiled this short but comprehensive guidebook packed with critical information deemed necessary for anyone to get what he hails as “the anti-aging sleep that all of us desperately need.” To address many sleep-related issues and challenges, sleep-improvement techniques are designed to help many people facing such challenges—particularly seniors. “Shockingly, patients from all age groups, even teens and young adults sometimes age prematurely, unless they employ the types of natural sleep-inducing remedies that I strongly suggest,” Doctor Forsythe said. Particularly amid today’s increasingly stressful society, which pushes up anxiety levels, many people suffer severe sleeping issues likely to generate extremely serious health problems. One of only a handful of integrative medical oncologists within the United States, now in his fifth decade as a physician, Doctor Forsythe has the unique ability to prescribe traditional drugs or natural treatments. The author of numerous hot-selling books, he is considered by many patients as perhaps one of the world’s leading doctors skilled at identifying serious health issues—while administering the safest, natural and most effective remedies whenever possible. “Insufficient sleep is literally aging many people well beyond their actual ages,” Doctor Forsythe says. “It’s important for people to know the truth about how they can address these nagging and potential deadly difficulties, rather than rely on greedy huge pharmaceutical companies.”

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Forsythe Anti-Cancer Diet

Finally fulfilling requests from his patients worldwide, internationally acclaimed integrative medical oncologist James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., has authored his much-anticipated anticancer diet book for consumers worldwide. “We are pleased to meet the requests of patients who for the past several years have persistently asked for the release of this urgent publication,” Doctor Forsythe said. “People yearn to know what to eat to prevent cancer or the best foods during treatment.” Doctor Forsythe is one of just a handful of practicing integrative medical oncologists in the United States. In that capacity, he serves as both a standard-medicine oncologist and also a homeopath capable of administering non-toxic and effective natural remedies that traditional doctors shun. Doctor Forsythe spent nearly four decades compiling integral specifics of his unique diet regimen. Every week people from around the world travel to Doctor Forsythe’s clinic; many of them seek treatment for cancer and for other ailments. As they embrace the Forsythe AntiCancer Diet regimen, many patients discover that this is not a onesize-fits-all eating plan. Instead, each patient receives a specialized diet regimen to his or her unique medical needs. Standard-medicine doctors worldwide promote dangerous drugs and deadly treatments, while often criticizing patients for even entertaining the possibility of visiting natural-medicine doctors like Doctor Forsythe. Yet angry standard-medicine doctors have a difficult time pushing such arguments upon patients who compare results. Nationwide, standard oncologists have up to a dismal 2.1% average overall survival rate for stage IV cancer patients—while those visiting Century Wellness have experienced a 45 percent rate of such recovery.

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Your Secret to the Fountain of Youth: What They Don't Want

Would you like to look and feel younger, as wrinkles fade or disappear, while also benefiting from increased zest for life, glowing skin with less blemishes, a loss of body fat, more muscles, stronger bones and many other benefits? In this true-life story where you'll learn the actual "Secret to the Fountain of Youth," the federal government arrested one of the nation's most respected physicians-James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D.-before a jury found him innocent of bogus charges that he illegally prescribed a natural substance, human growth hormone or HGH, for adult replacement therapy. To the frustration of prosecutors, Forsythe became one of the world's leading experts on HGH, before he was asked to write the official national protocol on this natural substance for the federal Food & Drug Administration. These widely acclaimed authors reveal how you can legally receive HGH-plus discover the secrets to its many benefits.

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Obaminable Care A Prescription for Chaos

Fresh on the heels of his many successful books, including work with bestselling author Suzanne Somers, widely acclaimed integrative medical oncologist James W. Forsythe blows the lid off of the federal government's plans to implement Obamacare health care reform. Forsythe's honest, in-depth and shockingly truthful research reveals that many problems will plague society if the legislation gets implemented in phases as the Obama administration plans. As shown by Forsythe's no-holds-barred research, Obamacare would destroy the national and world economies, while submerging the entire U.S. medical industry into an inefficient bureaucratic quagmire. Determined to address the issue head-on, Forsythe reveals a fiery political strategy designed to obliterate the ill-conceived federal act.

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Take Control of Your Cancer: Integrating the Best of Alternative and Conventional Treatments

Cancer rates continue to skyrocket, and the overall survival rate for Stage IV cancer patients in the United States is a grim 2.1 percent. Clearly, the extensive use of expensive, sometimes ineffective toxins in conventional oncology protocols is a failing strategy. Even the few survivors of these harsh slash-and-burn treatments can have dismal quality of life, suffering with ailments such as nerve damage, heart muscle disease, and liver and kidney failure. And unfortunately, many conventional doctors discourage patients from exploring alternative treatment options.

A featured doctor in Suzanne Somers’ bestselling cancer book Knockout, forty-year oncology veteran James W. Forsythe, MD, HMD, offers a more cost-effective, personalized, and compassionate alternative to traditional cancer treatment in Take Control of Your Cancer: Integrating the Best of Alternative and Conventional Treatments. Dr. Forsythe’s integrative approach has yielded an astonishing 46 percent positive response rate in a 500-patient study.

In Take Control of Your Cancer, you will find information on all stages of cancer, including:
• Warning signs of cancer
• How to pinpoint the causes of cancer and to avoid recurrence
• Preventative measures such as healthy diet and regular exercise
• Overview of how to choose what drugs and supplements to use
• How to take charge of your cancer treatment and maintain a positive attitude
• Successful case studies of 40 of Dr. Forsythe’s Stage IV cancer patients

While Dr. Forsythe offers his patients conventional and alternative therapies on their own as well as an integrative option, Take Control of Your Cancer encourages cancer patients and their families to explore their treatment options and look for doctors who personalize treatment for optimal outcomes.

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Anti-Aging Cures: Life Changing Secrets to Reverse the Effects of Aging

Are you tired of searching for the fountain of youth? Well, look no more. In this book, Nevada medical oncologist Dr. James Forsythe, one of the world’s leading anti-aging experts, reveals how to slow and even reverse the aging process. Based on meticulously researched clinical evidence, this book provides an account of revolutionary anti-aging treatments that can prevent the health conditions associated with getting old.

The key to youth, good health, and vitality as we age comes from our body’s Master Hormone that naturally produces human growth hormone (HGH ). As we advance in years, the body produces less and less of this vital hormone and we begin to see and feel symptoms of the aging process.

By rejuvenating the Master Hormone gland using a range of safe and natural Bio-Stimulators, as this book shows, we improve the quality and duration of the human lifespan, prevent heart disease and obesity, and maintain optimal health as we mature. The medically documented and proven benefits include: loss of body-fat mass, improved skin texture and tone, improved bone density, improved libido and sleep quality, and much more.

Dr. Forsythe, who wrote the official United States government protocol for administering growth hormone to fight aging, describes how readers can harness the power of Bio-Stimulators safely, legally, and naturally, to combat the ravages of aging. The book also describes simple ways to release more growth hormone in your body by using combinations of everyday foods, exercise, and quality sleep. Backed by firm medical science evidence, Anti-Aging Cures will teach you how all of these natural cures for aging work their magic on the human body.

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Avoid the Fate of Michael Jackson, Marilyn, and Elvis: The Healing Power of Sleep

The world's more than 6 billion people desperately crave and desire sleep, as instinctively as they want shelter, companionship, sex and food. For all of us, the nagging question remains, "Why does the body need deep rest, and how can we prevent ourselves from suffering fates similar to those of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and countless others whose lives spiraled out of control ~ largely due to sleep disorders?" Widely acclaimed physician, oncologist and homeopath James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., tackles timeless and vital questions regarding these integral real-life mysteries, plus how you can receive the best, cutting-edge help for such problems. Perhaps best of all, even for those without these problems, Forsythe shoots down the many myths and mysteries of sleep, enabling you to find and enjoy a personal pathway to eliminate stress, promote healing and improve the overall quality of your life.

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Complete Pain: Forget Everything You Thought That You Knew About Pain

Fresh on the heels of his hot-selling book about anti-aging featuring media sensation Suzanne Somers, internationally acclaimed physician James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., has cracked open the secret code—providing good news to anyone eager to escape the ravages of pain. Bowing to strong demand from patients worldwide, this award-winning oncologist and Homeopath finally reveals little-known but time-tested behavior strategies, pharmaceutical regimens and natural homeopathic herbs capable of “stopping pain dead in its tracks.” You should consider this as perhaps the most comprehensive layman’s guide into the human battle against pain, coupled with compelling details on how people have successfully ended this affliction in diverse cultures around the globe. “Amazingly, pain is actually a ‘good thing,’” Forsythe tells us. “The proverbial trick for physicians and their patients is to click the 'off' switch to pain at just the right time. And I’m eager to show people these little-known secrets.”

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The Compassionate Oncologist

James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., shocks the medical industry again here—blowing the lid off the techniques used most often by standard cancer specialists to combat the disease. As cancer rates nationwide continue soaring to record-high levels, Forsythe reveals insider secrets on why only a handful of integrative medical oncologists such as himself practice in the United States. Do you realize that many standard oncologists know that certain cancer treatments including some chemotherapy regimens are likely to fail, but they never tell you this beforehand? Why is the rate of cancer skyrocketing, and what should you do if diagnosed with the disease? Dr. Forsythe gives mind-blowing recommendations that many cancer specialists hope that you will never know about.


Emergency Radiation Medical Handbook

Along with your family, you’re in extreme danger of radiation sickness likely to cause cancer or death. Our government’s Department of Homeland Security warns that it’s not a question of “if” an attack will occur— but rather “when.” Meantime, many experts worry the danger from nuclear reactors has intensified, while radiation from natural sources poses a significant additional threat.


Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer--And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place
From Suzanne Somers' book, ”Knockout”, Chapter 9:

Dr. James Forsythe is a Renaissance man in the area of cancer treatment. He is a board-certified oncologist and also a board-certified homeopath, which makes for an interesting mix of Western and alternative medicines. The combination of the two allows Dr. Forsythe to be extremely creative in his approach to cancer. He is an integrative oncologist providing, in his words, “the best of what both worlds have to offer.” Today, Dr. Forsythe enjoys a successful career as a medical oncologist who utilizes alternative treatments, and patients flock to him from all over the world for his cutting edge treatments. -Suzanne Somers


Forsythe Natural Health GUIDE

Determined to obliterate the mistruths, misconceptions and ineffective strategies embraced by mainstream medicine, internationally acclaimed physician James W Forsythe copied this comprehensive listing of natural treatments for many ailments. One of only a handful of integrative medical oncologists in the United States, as a licensed Homeopath and a standard-medicine physician as well, Doctor Forsythe blows the lid off ineffective allopathic medicine, which often involves costly addictive drugs that never work anyway. Compiled in an easy-to-follow manner that average people can easily understand, this comprehensive Forsythe Natural Remedies Guide lists effective non-toxins natural remedies for a vast array of ailments ranging from muscular diseases to pain control and cancer, plus common ailments including digestive problems and acne.

Consumers should consider this alphabetical listing from A to Z as an irreplaceable “must-have guide” for most everyday medical needs. These natural remedies can save you money and prevent addictions to pricey but ineffective pharmaceuticals-all while treating the underlying conditions that cause certain health problems, rather than merely addressing symptoms.

Stoned - The Truth About Medical Marijuana and Hemp Oil

Stoned - The Truth About Medical Marijuana and Hemp Oil:  Imagine being ill and in extreme pain, as many of your friends or relatives insist that you try medical marijuana. Naturally, at that point you might wonder: "Is this quackery, or perhaps even worse just a lame excuse to get stoned? Can this drug truly help me?" Well, finally for the first time here, internationally acclaimed physician James W. Forsythe cracks the issue wide open. For many years, this world-famous integrative medical oncologist has had streams of patients urge him to publicly reveal the truth about medical marijuana and hemp oil. In "Stoned ~ The Truth About Medical Marijuana and Hemp Oil," you will learn of: the possible dangers of using cannabis; the specific medical conditions that this controversial drug might effectively treat; whether claims that hemp oil has an astronomical cure rate are correct; the best ways to take marijuana for your specific ailment; specifics on dozens of marijuana strains and how each effects your body; and much more. "People deserve the truth here from a seasoned doctor who has already earned worldwide respect ~ not just a local physician trying to gain notoriety from this controversial issue," Doctor Forsythe says. "The risks are far too great for you to fail to get the unique, timely and useful information that I provide." "Buy On Amazon"

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