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Dr. Forsythe has sympathized for years with millions of Americans that have sought an alternative path to healing when conventional medicine has failed them. He has completed several clinical outcome based studies on natural substances in advanced cancers, and has seen the benefits of natural, food supplements first-hand. “Advanced cancer patients who no longer are able to continue with conventional cancer care i.e. chemotherapy, have the added benefit of another option available to them as a last ditch attempt to fight their cancer. Conventional therapy gives my advanced cancer patients optimism and is used to stimulate, boost and maintain the immune system. Many cancer survivors, who were faced with no options from conventional medicines, claim that if it was not for alternative medicines, they would have given up and not survived…” 

This myopia on the part of much of the medical community and the heavy-handedness of government agencies continues to erode our precious freedoms and inhibit our ability to make our personal everyday health choices.

Over the past several years the natural food industry has been attacked by the government labeling the most popular herbs, vitamins, and minerals as worthless placebos thus paving the way for the government to regulate the $2 billion natural food industry.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) receives over $2.5 million a year from big pharmaceutical companies to assist them in harassing the natural food and supplement industry. The FDA has also declared that no natural substance can ever treat, mitigate or cure any disease. It appears the FDA forgot to mention that natural substances such as vitamin A is used to treat night-blindness, B vitamins are used to treat Pellagra, Beriberi is used to treat pernicious anemia and birth defects, vitamin C is used to treat scurvy and Vitamin D to treat rickets.

The information contained in this Health Report is intended for education purposes only. It is intended to complement—not replace—the advice provided by healthcare providers.

Lisa Marie Wark is currently a free lance writer and is a business development consultant with a concentration in medical spas and alternative clinics.