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“I woke up and they told me I had an colostomy bag and they told me that I had cancer all in my stomach.”


Those were the haunting words Sheila West-Yorek heard from her doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas in November, 2003. The cancer was a result of new tumors that had grown on her ovaries and metastasized to her stomach. The cruel irony of this is that her once healthy ovaries had received preventative radiation treatments during a bout with cervical cancer eleven years before, and now her worst fears were realized.


Sheila, like many cancer patients, had reservations about submitting her body to the rigors of traditional cancer treatments such as chemo therapy and radiation when she was first diagnosed with her cervical cancer in the early nineties.


“I think modern medicine put me in this situation”, Sheila says ruefully. “The truth is that when they did the hysterectomy in 1992, my cancer was completely clear and I really didn’t need the radiation. As a result, new tumors grew on my ovaries in the same place where they did the radiation and it metastasized into my stomach.”


Today she is amazingly cancer-free as a result of a doctor who believed in her ability to recover from a devastating condition. Her successful road to recovery turned her into an enthusiastic cancer survivor and activist over the last three years.


Sheila’s journey began when she went in for a routine colonoscopy because of some related blockage symptoms. Only to find out that she would battle yet another case of cancer.


After undergoing exploratory surgery, Sheila was diagnosed in November of 2003 with ovarian cancer Stage III.  Her cancer had metastasized in the stomach with one large tumor pressing up against her colon causing the blockage. As a result of the exploratory surgery it was determined that she would need to be fitted with a colostomy bag.


“After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I went straight to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas because they are one of the best cancer treatment centers.  I went there in December and doctors started me on Chemotherapy taking heavy doses of Sandostatin™ and Taxol™ which are highly potent chemotherapy drugs.”


During the treatment, Sheila was hospitalized and began the prescribed chemo protocol which included six rounds of chemotherapy every three to four weeks.  From December 2003 to April 2004, Sheila underwent chemotherapy and her body was responding.


“I was responding to the chemo.  After the treatment, my cancer markers were12 which is in the normal range, the highest CA marker test was 160.  In fact I was cancer-free for one year.”


In July 2004, after five months of treatment, Sheila underwent another surgery but this time with relief because it was to reverse the colostomy bag and remove three tumors. The maintenance protocol was six months of Doxil™, another chemotherapy drug. Then, her battle was over or so she thought.


After one short year of being cancer-free, her ovarian cancer returned and she went back to MD Anderson.   Her stomach became swollen and she suffered from bladder infection-like symptoms, nausea and vomiting.


“I went to MD Anderson because I couldn’t hold anything down.  I was severely nauseous and they told me I had a 2 inch tumor on my bladder.  I actually felt like I had a bladder infection.  My CA tumor markers had gone up to 280.”


The doctors confirmed her worst fears and then began to predict her painful death.


“My doctors at MD Anderson said ‘You can never cure cancer.  It’s just a matter of time before it comes back.’ They recommended another chemo treatment.  They told me that if I was hospitalized I would probably never get out.   They said I would probably need a blood transfusion every month with these treatments.  The treatment disclaimer said that there is a 50 percent chance I would have leukemia in the next three years even if it did kill the tumors.”


But underneath Sheila was not ready to surrender.  Yes, she was terrified but ultimately that fear motivated her to find another doctor and treatment program that focused on living instead of dying.


“Here I am fighting for my life and everyone around me is trying to cope with my death.  But I was not ready.  It was not going to take me.”


It wasn’t until Sheila found Dr. James Forsythe and his treatment program at the Century Wellness Clinic that she found hope, a quality of life, and a cancer-free life.


When I met Dr. Forsythe I was grieving and I couldn’t stop crying. I was scared.   I showed him the chemo the other doctors wanted to give me. He said, ‘You don’t need that. This is what I can do for you. I need you to stay here for three weeks and do the Forsythe Immune Protocol therapy.  And then take a Lipoic Acid Palladium (LAPd) maintenance dosage. 


Sheila finished the 15 treatments with Dr. Forsythe that included light doses of chemotherapy.  When she began treatment in August 2005, she was 82 lbs and her cancer markers had risen to 480.  It wasn’t until May 2006 that her daily pain and suffering subsided.  By June 2006, she went for a CT scan and it was completely clear!


“Today, I feel great  I’m normal”, Sheila exclaims,  I weigh 138lbs.  I’m healthy I’m strong. I’m positive and continue to take LAPd and see Dr. Forsythe.”


If you are suffering and struggling in your battle with cancer, Sheila shares her journey in the hopes it can help you:


  1. Positive Affirmation – Sheila says that in her darkest moments and even today saying the same prayer has helped calm her thoughts and protect her from the negative effects of stress. She explains, “I really believe that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. I don’t believe that cancer is definite. I don’t think it was just an accident that every time my cancer came back I was going through emotional turmoil.” Everyday she incorporates positive affirmation in her life by praying, “Thank you Jesus for the miracle of my health.”
  2. Seeing a doctor that believes in your health and recovery - “Dr. Forsythe was so positive. When he said, ‘We can do this. Don’t worry about it.  I’ll give you two people you can talk to. You are going to be fine.  You are strong and healthy.  You can do this. You want to live.  You have everything in the world to live for. You are not fatal.’  I believed him.”
  3. You have options - “I was always against the chemo but I didn’t think I had any choice.  I didn’t know my choices.  Everything happened so fast and I was so unprepared.  But I went with the chemo.”  Dr. Forsythe’s natural Poly-MVA therapy combined with low doses of chemo was the right balance of integrative medicine that her body needed to help it heal.
  4. Find another doctor if you believe your doctor is not right for you - “If you don’t have a doctor that believes in you getting well, then you need to get a new doctor.”
  5. You will know what is the right path for you - “I am one of those people that has to ask everyone about their cancer stories. While at the Clinic, I heard miracle after miracle story when I was receiving treatments. Even my cab driver told me on my way to the clinic, ‘It’s amazing.  I bring people to this place that are lifeless, in wheelchairs, can’t think and can’t walk and then I come back a couple weeks later and take them to the airport and they are fine.’ You get the feeling that this (Century Wellness Clinic) is the right place to be.”


“When you have cancer everything is motivated by fear. You are so gripped in fear. It is like squeezing the life out of you. When Dr. Forsythe said, ‘We can do this.” I looked at him and I believed it.  And that’s one of the reasons why I’m well today and sharing my story.  It’s more than just a positive attitude.  It’s about not allowing the fear to take over your life.”


If you would like to contact Sheila about her story, please e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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