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“Thermograms are non-invasive and do not involve compressing the breast. It is a useful form of risk assessment that helps you make valuable lifestyle changes in time to prevent breast cancer.” –James W. Forsythe, MD, HMD

Century Wellness Clinic now offers thermograms as a noninvasive method to screen for breast cancer.  Despite increased awareness levels of breast cancer and mammograms, breast cancer statistics continue to get worse. Today, nearly 1 in 7 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. We know that prevention and early detection of breast cancer are key. But one technology you may not know much about is Thermography—and it's the best way to detect breast cancer the earliest.

World renowned oncologist and homeopathic physician, James W. Forsythe explains why thermograms are an effective preventative measure for breast cancer that is non-invasive and safe. “Thermograms have virtually no side effects. Thermograms, although they do not directly indicate breast masses, demonstrate abnormal changes in the body.”

A thermograph employs an infrared camera to detect temperature variations in your body. Thermography uses the heat radiating from your body as a basis for comparison. Abnormalities are detected because skin temperature changes in response to presence of some disorder. The results do not actually reveal a diagnosis, but recognition that a disease process is present expedites the process of receiving a diagnosis. While thermography is an underutilized and scarcely-offered diagnostic tool, its predecessor, a primitive application of wet mud smeared on the body for the purpose of documenting areas that dried first, dates back to Hippocrates.

After understanding the benefits of thermography, Dr. Forsythe cannot understand why the conventional medical community does not offer it more regularly to patients as a screening procedure. “The current recommended course for improving breast cancer detection, aside from breast self exams, is for women to begin having screening mammograms at age 40, the age at which mammograms tend to be more effective at detecting breast masses. But what’s great about thermograms is that the camera can pick up heat patterns long before cancer would be detected by a mammogram without the risk of being exposed to radiation and before the age of 40.”

However, Dr. Forsythe believes that thermograms should not be the only diagnostic tool used to detect breast cancer. “In order to multiply rapidly, cancer cells create new blood vessels. Blood carries heat and these altered patterns can be detected and imaged by the thermal imaging camera. “We can't say it's cancer. Either there's an unusual formation of blood vessels, or something causes the tissues to heat up. The cause may be trauma to the breast, inflammation, or benign breast disease."  Adding, "It takes eight to 10 years before the cancer can be seen on a mammogram. Can we say it is cancerous? No, but we can say there is something going on here."

When the thermogram reveals unusual heat patterns, a mammogram is recommended, and even if it shows nothing, a second thermogram three months later will help determine how serious the condition may be. "Now you have the opportunity to see a naturopath or an acupuncturist who can recommend procedures for cleansing toxins, using supplements, making changes in diet or lifestyle."






What is Thermal Imaging?

Although most Americans may not be very familiar with Thermograms, many should already be familiar with the concept. Anyone who has seen action movies or television shows likely knows that the US Military has been using thermal technology—or Digital Infrared Imaging—for years. Thermography is especially valued by the military for its ability to see beneath the surface, to detect heat where the eye cannot see. In the medical world, recent advances in thermographic technology from Micro Health Systems and NEC have made this breast screening tool more widely available and more effective than ever.








How does Thermography work? 

A breast thermogram is a Digital Infrared Image of a woman's breasts and upper torso. Images are taken in color, which reveal patterns of heat, and gray-scale, which show vascularity in the breast tissue. Specially trained Breast Thermographers then review the information on the images, comparing one to another, as well as to typical patterns of heat and vascularity. Various patterns of heat and vascularity in the breast tissue can reveal the earliest stages of abnormalities, everything from hormonal imbalances to cancerous tissue.








Who can perform Thermograms?

Breast Thermography has been approved by the FDA since 1982.  The designation of “Thermographer” is only open to medical doctors who have completed the American Medical Infrared Academy's training program, which includes live classroom training, research projects, and oral and written exams. Thermographers are able to take and read digital images, as well as advise the patient on further work-ups that may be needed. Non-medical doctors can undergo training to become a Thermographic Technician, which allows them to take digital images and suggest treatment choices for the patient.


Is a Thermogram right for you?

Breast Thermography is not necessarily considered a replacement to mammograms or other diagnostic tools. However, thermograms certainly offer advantages. First and foremost, they are completely safe, non-invasive, and radiation and pain-free. They have also been proven extremely effective at finding abnormalities in breast tissue, including the very earliest stages of breast cancer. In fact, thermograms can detect cancerous tissue years before a mammogram. Since thermograms do not pose the same health risks as mammograms, they may be started far earlier in life, even when a woman is in her teens. Given the increased incidence of breast cancer among younger women, thermography can be a great option for women in the teens and twenties. Thermograms can also be especially valuable for women with a history of breast cancer in their families, for women who've been on the pill, and for women who've been exposed to significant environmental pollutants. Not just for younger women, thermograms can be highly advantageous for post-menopausal women as they can reveal hormonal imbalances, a significant risk factor in breast cancer.

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