"Forsythe Cancer Care Center formally known as Century Wellness Center"
521 Hammill Ln, Reno, NV 89511 Tel:(877) 789-0707

In August 2010, a crew from Insight Productions, with headquarters in Florida was on hand to film a short documentary project with Century Wellness Clinic, featuring Dr. James Forsythe as the principle spokesperson.


We invite you to view the video that was produced featuring Century Wellness as an example of a cutting edge medical facility, this video details the personalized approach to each patient, and the care and treatment that a patient receives. Insight feels that Dr. Forsythe’s experience in alternative medicine used in combination with groundbreaking therapies can be greatly educational for television viewers, and utilizes this segment as institutional programming and is now being distributed to Public Television affiliates in all fifty states.


In combination with the creation of this segment, there is an educational video created for national and regional airing purposes, featuring Century Wellness as the main subject. This will help extend the awareness of the clinic and Dr. Forsythe’s vision of medicine as we move towards the future.