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 While the treatments of conventional and complementary therapies for cancer are two separate sciences, both are linked by common philosophies. Among them:


  • Empowerment: Enable patients to make choices in their own treatment, recovery and future health maintenance.
  • Good Nutrition: Stress the importance of Good Nutrition as a core requirement of health.
  • Supplementation: Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and enzymes to fight off disease and eliminate toxins.
  • Balance: Give patients the ability to achieve a balanced life style that includes exercise, rest, sleep and emotional harmony.
  • Hormonal Replacement: The backbone to health, a better quality of life and longevity. Replacing all declining hormones.
  • Holistic Health: Treating the whole person, not just their illness or a single organ.
  • Detoxification: Detoxify and improve the efficiency of the organs and body systems.
  • Knowledge: Increase health awareness and early cancer detection through education and active prevention.